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The Return of ‘60s Style

June, 24, 2014

After yesterday’s tribute to Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons, with their fashions and dance moves, I’ve decided to plunge deeper into that period. Those styles are coming back in a big way!

Jean Shrimpton

Lift, lift, and lift were the three criteria of ‘60s hair, as you can see from the glamorous portrait above of supermodel Jean Shrimpton. The 2014 mane is equally voluminous. Just look at Anna Kendrick on this month’s Elle cover.

Anna Kendrick

Tomorrow I’m posting another vid dancing to a Four Seasons hit. For that, I took cues from “The Shrimp” and updated her doo as you can see in the following pic. I backcombed my hair for volume, swooped the front layer across my upper forehead, and pinned it behind my ear. That was a common ‘60s practice for girls without bangs, and those who wanted to DANCE but didn’t want to look like The Shaggy Dog. If you do have bangs, like Jean, and don’t plan to be energetic on the dance floor, then you can make a deeper swoop.

Sixties Style

Long hair in the ‘60s often incorporated light waves. I was chatting with some ladies at the hair salon and learned that during that era they used clothing irons and ironing boards to smooth out their hair! Then they set it with orange juice cans to get the waves. In those days, home hair products didn’t include flat irons, jumbo curlers, round brushes, blow-dryers, or curling irons in a variety of sizes like we have. All I can say is, “THANK YOU INNOVATORS!!!”

In addition to full hair, dramatic eyes ruled the ’60s. Jean was a cat-eye princess!

Jean Shrimpton Makeup

And Goldie Hawn couldn’t have looked more glamorous in her thick long lashes.

Goldie Hawn

So I combined both looks to create a cat eye complemented by two sets of long false lashes. Anna also showed off a cat eye on her Elle shoot. That girl knows that ‘60s style has returned!

Sixties Makeup

If you haven’t yet mastered the cat eye, check out the tutorial that I did with Fatima. She’s MAC’s reigning makeup queen, and regularly does up those celebs for their magazine covers.


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