Anchor/Award-Winning Reporter at CBS NewsChannel 5. First-Ranked Anchor/Reporter at ViveStream, Inc.  Award-Winning Short Filmmaker. Television, Internet and Radio Guest with over 100 Appearances. Creator of a Lifestyle Website with 77,000 Subscribers/Followers and over 5,000,000 YouTube Views. Screenwriter with Executives at DreamWorks, Warner Bros. and Sony. Best-Selling Author.

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I wrote The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men, a nonfiction travel/relationship book that went to #1 within two weeks of publication.

It was tailored to young adult women traveling to Europe for work, study, and vacation. The book includes dozens of true stories of women who had quality experiences socializing with local men and learning the culture.

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The book was based on my study-abroad experiences as a Vanderbilt student. I had an international major and cheered all four years. I did not want to miss any games, so I took my international courses in Europe during the summers. I put a priority on getting to know the people in each country, and I was fortunate to date charming men who treated me with respect and taught me about their cultures.

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Every fall when I returned to Vanderbilt, my girlfriends who were about to study abroad asked me to give them tips for meeting men. When I graduated, they asked me to write a tip book for them.

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After graduation, I began working as a screenwriter with executives from DreamWorks, Sony and Warner Bros. One day, one of my producers started asking me about my study abroad experiences and tip book. He told me to make it into a real book. Here is a video about what my life was like when I did.

After that, I became known as a love-and-romance expert. I don’t consider myself an expert, but that gave me many opportunities to appear in the media and as a consultant for women’s magazines.

d - Seventeen Magazine

One day, a young lady wrote thanking me for my book. It had dramatically improved her love life and the way men treated her. She shared how on her first night in France, she began reading the book, and couldn’t put it down until she finished. The true stories of other traveling women inspired her to respect herself more, to be more open to meeting others, and to enjoy the adventures that each day can bring. I turned her story into a short film that won awards around the world.

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CBS has provided a new chapter in my life. I am enjoying the adventures I have each day developing and presenting news stories.


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