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Master the Cat Eye

June, 3, 2014

It’s easy with help from the Fabulous Fatima and MAC. You’ve all heard of fashion weeks at style capitals around the globe, well this makeup magician is so in demand that she regularly embarks on fashion months. She hops from one show to the next, making models look like beauty goddesses in minutes.


I snapped the above pic of Fatima at a beauty trend show. And I was so excited when she taught me the steps to a flawless cat eye…the hot look infiltrating Hollywood hotties. Today, I’m passing her tips on to you.

Master the Cat Eye B

Fluidline. The name of this product says it all. Fatima says the key to a smooth cat eye is a smooth eyeliner.


Skinny Brush. The adjective “anorexic” is never good except when it comes to certain makeup brushes. This MAC 210 is so skinny that the bristles barely show. Fatima uses it to give her cat eyes that perfect point. First, she draws eyeliner on the lower lid and extends it at the end above and beyond the top lid. Then, moving toward the eye, she brings the line back down to the upper lid to create a narrow triangle.


Polish It Off. Next, she fills in the triangle and adds eyeliner on the top lid. For a finished look, she uses a pencil to line the inner rim. If you mess-up any of these steps, no worries. Fatima has a brilliant little secret. Just put oil-free liquid makeup remover on a slanted brush and whisk away any mistakes.


Luxurious Lashes. Frame your cat eye with a false eyelash look – minus the fuss – by brushing Extreme Dimension Mascara on your top lashes and Extended Play Mascara on the lowers. End by spritzing some Fix + on your skin for a natural hydrating glow created by vitamins and minerals.


Now I’m ready to PROWL for a fun evening with my cat eyes. Thank you so much Fatima!


And the best part about this artist’s tips is that they’re so easy to follow. When I tried to recreate the look at home, I had no troubles.


So you may have guessed this week’s theme. Hint: Yesterday, I showcased Charlotte Olympia and her feline shoe designs. And today is all about Fatima, MAC, and cat eyes. I wonder what animal will dominate tomorrow?!


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