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Meet the Jersey Boys

June, 23, 2014

“Everyone remembers it how they need to.” That’s the movie’s tagline. But it applies to so much more than the lives of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. I’ve chatted with ladies who lived through the band’s heyday as they reminisced about the fashion and dance moves of that time. They each remembered it a little differently, so I decided to devote this week to the band’s music plus the fashions and dance moves of that era.

Jersey Boys

Since this is Meeting Men Monday, I’m pausing to focus on the men who made up the group, as reflected in their music and portrayed in the movie. Their feel-good tunes are just as appealing today as in the ‘60s. “Sherry,” “Oh What a Night,” “Who Loves You,” “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”…the music and lyrics of these hits conjure up the image of men who love life, music and women.

But in the film, they are portrayed as dark. I realize that the lives of boys who were raised on mean streets and men who worked on the road could not have been easy, but there had to have been good times along with the bad for these extraordinarily successful musicians. No one goes through life on a breeze. What’s important is to appreciate the good and face the bad with wisdom and grace.


Nevertheless, in honor of their music, I created an Instagram video to “Sherry” incorporating the shimmy, twist and other ‘60s dance moves. Since the idea to make the vid came last minute, I didn’t have time to track down a friend to operate the camera, so it’s a selfie. I think I got more exercise turning on the music, hitting “play,” and running in the frame than dancing:) Here is the result.

Word to the wise…don’t tackle with the troublemaker on the left. She’s a diva… Kidding! I had fun editing this video and choosing my shift dress. This look dominated the fashion scene in the era, as you can see in the following frame from the 1969 French movie La Piscine.

La Piscine

Here it is again in classic black-and-white photos of ‘60s supermodels, Jean Shrimpton and Hiroko Matsumoto. And it has resurfaced this season, as evidenced by my current Kate Spade frock.

Shift Dresses

Kate brought it out in green, another ‘60s throwback. Her hue is almost identical to that worn by the beautiful Ann-Margret back in the day. My grandma always said, “Keep your iconic pieces. Eventually they’ll be back in style!”


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