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Farmers’ Markets and Floral Dresses

April, 10, 2014

That sums up a major reason why I love spring! Seattle’s Pike Place Market is a favorite.

Pikes Market C

And Kate Spade is sundress paradise. So I combined the Market and this floral confection.

Pikes Market B

Pike Place, the longest running farmer’s market in the USA, was founded in 1927. Unique stalls, shops and restaurants cover three floors and the other side of the cobblestone street. Fresh-cut flowers abound from spring until fall.

Pikes Market A

Turkish Delight, a Market mainstay, is owned by the family of Denise, the beautiful supporting actress in my music video, But I Do.

Pikes Market E

Celebrities such as Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries, Lost) come there not just to enjoy a favorite meal – in his case, Chicken Kabob – but to take in the stunning view that spans sunset, sunrise, and Puget Sound…

Ian Somerhalder

…and pick up a bouquet of those fabulous flowers for a special someone.

Pikes Market D


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