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Tinker Bell, Take Two

October, 22, 2014

It’s my second day of the Tinker Bell love fest. If you’re planning on being this famous little fairy for Halloween, you might want to see yesterday’s hair-and-makeup tutorial. Then all you’ll have left to master is the Tink costume. After today, you’ll know how!


Every year that I’m able to go to my parents’ home for Halloween, I greet the trick-or-treating kids in this costume. The tiny ones often take me for the real Tinker Bell. Those pint-sized visitors line up to get glitter (aka fairy dust) sprinkled on their feet and make a wish!

Tinker Bell B

I designed my costume and a friend of mine sewed it. When I danced ballet, I created my own leotards. The mom of a girl I trained with at Pacific Northwest Ballet worked in the costume department. On the side, she’d whip up leotards for her daughter’s friends at half the price of the store-bought ones. She let me go to town drawing up my designs.


So when it came time to create my Tinker Bell costume, I used some elements from my ballet leotards—the pinched front, mesh bodice overlay, and plunging back.


For the wings, we used wire, netting and glitter glue. They stay perfectly in place with the help of Velcro on a strap that went around my waist and slipped under the costume.

One of the most loveable aspects of being Tink is that you can keep the look authentic while adding your own style.

Tinker Bell E

Thank you, Henredon & Schnoener, for letting me take these pictures in your store.

Halloween Decorations A

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Halloween Decorations B


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