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Tinker Bell Hair & Makeup Tutorial

October, 21, 2014

The countdown to Halloween has begun. Only ten days left! I’m so taken with this holiday that I never settle for just one celebration. My Tinker Bell costume is a perennial crowd-pleaser. So I’m sharing my secrets for creating her look, and posting them now to give you time to gather your products if you plan become this beloved fairy.


Tink makeup is fun and bright, but ethereal…and Ben Nye has her hues.

Tinkerbelle Tutorial B

Here’s how to use them: First, dust a yellow shadow, like Pearl Sheen Gold, all over your eyelids, from lash to brow.

Tinkerbelle Tutorial C

Second, evenly distribute something like Pearl Sheen Turquoise all over your lower lids. This color can go on a bit strong, so spend a little extra time on it with your blending brush.

Tinkerbelle Tutorial D

Third, use a product like Lumière Grande Colour LU-8 Chartreuse shadow as dry eyeliner to create a long, wide cat eye. Normally, makeup artists draw the lower line more narrow than the upper line, but fairies are allowed to break the rules, as you can see:)

Tinkerbelle Tutorial E

Fourth, return to the turquoise and gold shadows and use them to draw in thicker rainbow-like streaks above the green cat eye line.

Tinkerbelle Tutorial F

Fifth, bring out a green eyeliner pencil that is a good compliment to the shadows. I use Bobbi Brown’s Pacific.

Tinkerbelle Tutorial G

Use it to draw a narrower, shorter cat eye line on top of your original green-shadow line.

Tinkerbelle Tutorial H

And a fairy just isn’t complete without her sparkle lashes!

Tinkerbelle Tutorial I

When I attended the Pacific Northwest Ballet School, we took stage makeup workshops for some of the Company’s productions. One that I loved was A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The head artist explained that the most important factor for doing fairy makeup is using bold colors. But she warned us to use them sparingly, which is why I add the gold to Tink’s greens.

Tinkerbelle Tutorial J

Now it’s time to tackle the iconic Tinker Bell hair. I put mine in a high ponytail, backcombed the front, and swooped it to the side. I don’t have short bangs, but if you do, then you can go for Tink’s adorable poof-bang look.

Tinkerbelle Tutorial K

Next, I pulled a ½ inch wide section of the ponytail to the side and wrapped the remainder around a bun fill, pinning the strands as I went. Finally, I took the ponytail section that I had pulled to the side, twisted it, and wrapped it around the bun for a finished effect.

Tinkerbelle Tutorial L

Now where are my wings and fairy dust? I’m ready for a little Tinker Bell mischief:)

Tinkerbelle Tutorial M



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