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Recreating Olivia Wilde’s Makeup

June, 9, 2016

This is what I call, “recycling a look.” It’s been a bit since Olivia Wilde painted her face in these stunning burgundy hues, but the picture keeps resurfacing. Today, I’m showing how you can do something similar. My palette is from years ago, but it’s all Bobbi Brown and she is featuring similar hues today.

Olivia Wilde’s Makeup - Katherine Chloe Cahoon

Olivia Wilde’s Makeup - Katherine Chloe Cahoon-B

Olivia Wilde’s Makeup - Katherine Chloe Cahoon-C

Olivia Wilde’s Makeup - Katherine Chloe Cahoon-D

Olivia Wilde’s Makeup - Katherine Chloe Cahoon-E

Olivia Wilde’s Makeup - Katherine Chloe Cahoon-F

This entire look can be created with Bobbi’s Everything Eyes Palette…minus the mascara and lip-gloss…which is fitting since you can, in fact, do everything but that with the Everything Palette.

If you have a favorite brand that isn’t Bobbi, it probably has comparable hues too.

Here are the steps to Olivia’s popular look:

First, brush the cream shadow all over your eyelid.

Second, take a fluffy brush and mix the darker and lighter burgundy colors together.

To get this look with my old palette, I mixed my pink blush and burgundy eyeshadow. Who says a girl can’t put a little blush on her eyelids?!

Use most of the product on your lid, focusing in the crease and blending down to your eyelashes.

Third, dust whatever product remains on your brush underneath your lower lashes for a slightly-smoky look.

Fourth, for an ethereal feel, don’t add eyeliner. Mascara will finish off your face beautifully.

Fifth, slip on some lip-gloss. I went for MAC Versicolour Stain in Always & Forever.


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