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Why I Love Wolford

July, 28, 2014

I could write an epistle about why I’m a fan of this company, but I’ll boil it down to four words…chic, sophisticated and high quality. When a girl steps inside a Wolford store, she’s a goner. There is no longer such a thing as shopping self-control:) And she knows she’ll be coming back again! Here’s an Instagram video of me trying to hold my own while attempting aerial silks in my new Wolford ensemble.

This footage came about when I created a video in honor of National Dance Day by uniting four generations through dance. While I was filming and editing it, friends encouraged me to join in. As I watched the girls twirling, some of their costumes reminded me of aerial silks. I had never tried that, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity, but I was worried about having a wardrobe malfunction. Being upside down spinning is not the optimum time to experience what I call “a traveling outfit.” That is why I made a beeline for Wolford. The brand is known for top-of-the-line clothes that stay in place while staying beautiful.

Wolford A

Rumor has it that Wolford’s swimsuits might be getting the swan song. But it’s not too late to purchase one. I paired mine with Simin Leggings and Scarf.

What I adore about the leggings/scarf combo is that both pieces are adorned with what looks like hammered brass.

Wolford B

And the scarf is versatile. After wearing it as a headband, I attended a friend’s birthday bash. So I tied it around my neck and threw on a black frock.

Wolford C

This scarf can also serve as a belt.  Here I’m pairing it with Wolford’s flattering Bilbao Dress. This classic can be worn and re-worn with pride. Having lived in Bilbao, I have a flood of fond memories when I slip this number on.

Wolford D

If you’d like to add more spice in your life put a Fatal Belt, as a tube top, under a Tulle Pullover. Then crank up your sass meter by adding the same leggings I wore for silks!

Wolford E

Wolford’s boutiques feature flattering clothes and amazing sales associates. Ylyana and Njavwa helped me put together these ensembles. They’re fun, intuitive style-sirens and…let’s face it…downright gorgeous! So if you’re in Bellevue, stop by the Bravern and take advantage of their expertise.

Wolford F

In the above pic, Ylyana (left) is wearing the Fatal Dress and Pure Shirt, and Njavwa (right) is showcasing Bahamas Body and Holly Leggings.

Wolford G

Being girls, we had to have some bonding time checking out our pics before parting.

And since today is Meeting Men Monday, I can’t sign off without passing on one more compliment. After seeing my last post on this company, a man sent me a message saying, “I only like my wife to wear Wolford!”


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