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Beyond Fashionably Late

January, 3, 2014

While taking an evening walk with my mom, I noticed that Wolford – the fashion and hosiery shop – was having a party. The cupcakes were too enticing to pass up, so we strolled on in. The event was coming to a close, but we made friends with the product experts and a spontaneous after-party ensued. They styled me in this Wolford outfit. Then my mom pulled out her purse camera and we posed away.

Wolford a

The Fatal Dress and Multifunction Scarf combo that the ladies chose for me can be combined in an array of options…so many that you could invent a new look every time you pulled them on. The dress can convert to a skirt or top, and there are endless ways to twist the scarf around your body. For a traveling girl, these are perfect items to pack. They’re even wrinkle-resistant. Here’s a Wolford video for style inspiration. It’s from their 2012/13 season, but the tips are timeless and the model is excellent at showing the versatility of this piece.

The cupcakes may have been the culprits for luring me into this party, but it was the great fashions and product experts that made me want to stay!

  1. Katherine Chloé Cahoon says:

    Aww thanks! I’ve been looking over your blog and love that you feature a variety of fashion content:)


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