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Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson Hair/Makeup Tutorials

May, 26, 2015

If you’ve seen this dynamite duo performing their hit song, Trouble, you may just have trend envy. So today, I’m telling how to get Iggy’s hair, plus these alluring ladies’ makeups.


For Iggy’s look, begin by combing your hair into a high ponytail and curling the ends.

Tutorial B

To secure the ponytail, split it in half, side-by-side, and pull firmly near the elastic.

Tutorial C

To give your hair volume like Iggy’s, divide it again, this time in the opposite direction, and pull firmly.

Tutorial D

Use hairspray so that your fullness lasts throughout the day.

Tutorial E

Take one strand of hair, twist it from the base of your ponytail to the end, wrap it around your elastic and pin it in place.

Tutorial F

And now…

Tutorial G

You have a hairstyle similar to that of the blonde rapping sensation. If you want her makeup too, here’s how to do it…

Tutorial H

You’ve all heard of the cat eye. Well, I like to think of Iggy’s makeup as a kitten eye because her wings are shorter. I teamed up with a celebrity makeup artist who reigns over the catwalk and the cat eye. Here we break down the steps to obtain that look:

Since Iggy’s liner is slightly smudged, use a powder-based one instead of a gel. If you don’t get your brush wet, the liner will go on smoky. To increase the smudged effect, just take a fluffier brush and go back and forth over your line. Stop your wings at the point of Iggy’s.

Jennifer’s makeup is very similar to that of her partner-in-trouble; however, she’s rocking a complete cat eye and her eyeliner is thicker, but you still follow the same basic steps.

Tutorial I

I have discovered that jumpsuits aren’t just for jail mates. Though Iggy does make her yellow one look quite sassy.

Tutorial J

Jumpsuits are everywhere in a variety of price points from super-sale to super-splurge. I found mine at Nordstrom.

Tutorial K

And the back has a surprise slit.

Tutorial L

Hope you all have fun getting your Iggy and Jennifer looks on:)


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