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Emma Watson’s Gloss

April, 8, 2014

As celeb makeup artist, Darais, was doing Emma’s makeup, she confided that she found lip-gloss containers messy because product goop always builds up around the rims.

Emma Watson’s Gloss A

So Darais teamed up with Lancôme to create Gloss in Love, with a goop-free, push-button, pop-up lid. Ingenious!

Emma B

Plus, they made Gloss in Love a lipstick and gloss all in one cosmetic.

Emma C

I learned about this product from Darais when we had a makeup reunion a few weeks ago at a spring trend show. Let me tell you, he doesn’t just work with superstars—he is one! The girls screamed when he arrived, just as they would welcome any major Hollywood heartthrob exiting his limo at a movie premiere.

Darais 1

And Darais’ tips are powerful. A dancer copied how he did my brows and mascara for her competition and became the national champ!

Darais 2

Emma D

So, after hearing about his new lip loss, I couldn’t possibly pass it up. I got four, and ran home to take this product pic for you.

Emma E

And I loved the gifts Darias gave me! Adorable joie de vivre bags packed with advanced cream cleanser, lipsticks, mascara and more. Look for them at a Lancôme counter near you.

Gifts 1



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