Secrets from a Celeb Makeup Artist

September, 27, 2013

I went from Toronto to a Vogue-sponsored trend show and learned hot tips from celebrity makeup artists like Lancôme’s Darais, who has made up the likes of Anne Hathaway. He went straight from the show to the Emmys, where he made up celebrities.

Darais divulged his mascara secrets before they hit Cosmo. Here are my favorites: For a sexier look, apply your second coat only to the outer lashes to open your eyes. Then before they dry, dust dark shimmer shadow onto your lashes. Darais promises, “Twinkling eyes get all the attention, and as long as a woman has a twinkle in her eyes…the men won’t notice anyone else.” Case closed!

Secrets From a Celeb Makeup Artist A

For girls on the go with a short supply of time, Darias says that the key steps are lashes and brows. Doing them frames your face and makes you look polished in a minute.

Secrets From a Celeb Makeup Artist B

At the trend show, I got the Définicils Mascara Set complete with makeup remover, an eyelash curler, travel-size mascara base and, of course, mascara. By purchasing the set you save almost $40. I added the brow pencil Le Crayon Poudre. It goes on fast enough to do complete brows at a stoplight. Just don’t tell the officers-of-the-law 🙂

Secrets From a Celeb Makeup Artist C

I received the below gift set with a five-shadow and liner travel palette, lipstick, makeup remover, mascara and base, replenishing cream, eye cream, advanced skin corrector, and a blush that goes with a variety of looks. Wow, I feel like Christmas came early! If you ever get to see Darais at a trend show, don’t miss the opportunity to meet him and get his tips especially for you.

Secrets From a Celeb Makeup Artist D


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