Emily Blunt’s Red Carpet Fashion

January, 28, 2015

Yesterday, for Beauty Trend Tuesday, I covered Emily’s sleek hairstyle at the Dubai film festival promoting Into the Woods. Today is all about her exquisite emerald Lanvin gown.

Emily Blunt

The Hollywood Reporter wrote this description of Into the Woods… “As enchanting a screen version as the show’s fans could desire.” Enchanting also describes Emily’s look. After seeing her picture, I went rummaging around in my closet for something similar. Emily’s gown is floor-length, but I was heading off to a cocktail party so I chose one ending above the knee. Mine came from Victoria’s Secret. They have great dresses to twirl in if you want to dance the night away.

Into the Woods

The cocktail party wasn’t in the woods, but thanks to Google I figured out how to outline myself and drop the image into a woodland scene. Besides, it’s winter; frostbite isn’t my idea of fun!


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