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Buns Aren’t Just for Ballerinas

January, 27, 2015

The unique film Into the Woods isn’t the only work catching audiences’ attention. The film’s stars have been captivating on the red carpet. Emily Blunt proved that the sleek bun trend, which has dominated for a while now, continues to be in vogue. Here she is rocking it at a Dubai film festival.

Buns Aren’t Just for Ballerinas A

In high school, I donned this style six days a week heading into the ballet studio. Although those days are gone, I recently decided to wear the look to a fancy event.

Buns Aren’t Just for Ballerinas B

If you’d like to recreate Emily’s hairstyle, here is a step-by-step bun tutorial.

Buns Aren’t Just for Ballerinas C

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting about Emily’s gorgeous green dress.


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