Ariana Grande Hair/Makeup Tutorial

November, 6, 2015

When I taught some of the dance choreography to Ariana’s music video, Focus, I couldn’t resist the urge to recreate her hair and makeup. Then some of you wanted to learn how to do that too. It’s easy…

Ariana Hair

Volume is the key to this half-up/half-down do. First, backcomb your hair. Then pull the top half into a ponytail. Smooth the part up to the tail, secure your tail with a hair band, and backcomb it, again, to get Ariana’s height. Take a thick strand of hair from underneath the tail, twist it, wrap it around the band, and pin it in place.


As for Ariana’s famous cat eye, here’s a step-by-step cat-eye tutorial that I did with a celebrity makeup artist. And since celebrities trust her, you can too. The only difference between the basic cat eye and Ariana’s is that she tends to make hers more dramatic.

Ariana Makeup

Makeup A

To do that, just make the line thicker, particularly where it wings out. The degree of thickness that looks best for you depends on your eye shape—so experiment, click some pictures with your eyes opened and closed, lay them out on your dressing table, and decide which bombshell you want to be.


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