A Time to Be Carefree…

December, 31, 2014

That’s New Year’s Eve. I realize that we live in a world filled with serious, unanswered questions – What will 2015 bring? Will we find love? Hold onto love? Achieve career success? Have meaningful experiences? – But I believe that New Year’s Eve is a time to free ourselves from all them and just have fun! That’s what I intent to do.

New Year’s Eve A

I’ve already started by selecting a festive dress.

New Year’s Eve B

After seeing Ariana Grande’s coquettish-feathered mini in her performance of Santa Tell Me, I began a search to help you find a similar one. I even did a post on the look. Then I decided to treat myself to the style.

New Year’s Eve C

As you can see, Guess is a prime destination for sequins and feathers.

New Year's Eve

While you’re partying the night away, stay safe loves. See you all in 2015.


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