Santa Tell Me Dance & Ariana Grande Style

December, 12, 2014

After seeing A Very Grammy Christmas, I wanted to be able to dance along to Ariana’s Santa Tell Me at holiday parties. So I studied her gorgeous female dancers and taught myself the steps. Here I’m sharing them with you. I’m not a professional dancer, so if I can do this, you definitely can!

I’ve seen this song performed a number of times and noticed that the girls switch up their style a little. So feel free to give it your own flair. I chose to circle my arms higher than the babes in the above clip on one step because it felt more natural.

And since this is Fashion Friday, I want to point out that Ariana’s dress is just the right mix of festive and flirty.

Ariana Grande

Feather embellishments on short dresses are a statement this season. ASOS has two gowns similar to Ariana’s, with a thick layer of feathers along the hemlines. One is white and cut close to Ariana’s, and the other is a black, form-fitting and off-the-shoulder.


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