Why Do You Think Fashion is Fun?

August, 21, 2015

I have a guy friend who asked me that question with a perplexed stare. He’s the kind of man who reaches into his closet every morning, pulls out whatever he touches first, and puts it on. He followed-up his initial question by saying, “There are clothes, and then there are clothes. Right?” Wrong! There are clothes that make a girl feel sassy, sexy, about-business, or badass, and every emotion in between.

Fashion A

My look today is perfect for when a girl wants to feel “casual-summertime feminine.” The shorts and top are part of Free People’s boho couture.

Fashion C

The Kate Spade bangle accents the beads on my blouse.

Fashion B

And this KS purse ties the pale pink hues together.

Fashion D

So in answer to my friend’s question… Fashion is fun because it lets us create a spectrum of looks that we can call our own.


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