Who’s Up for Drinks at Six?

October, 12, 2012

Who's Up for Drinks at Six

Jacqueline Parker, founder of Drinks at Six, a site empowering single and independent women, interviewed me and wrote, “The other week, I poured a glass of wine and gave Katherine a call. I wanted to know how to meet a hot, European man. Katherine who? Don’t be silly. Katherine Chloé Cahoon is the author of The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men – a one stop guide packed with road-tested tips on finding love… or lust abroad. I love the book – it’s chock full of candid, true stories of girls’ experiences meeting European men abroad. Like any other girl, I love to hear what really happened to other girls…not just the hits but the misses. There’s a whole lot of ‘in between’ too as you’ll find out when you read the book. It’s pretty easy to chat with Katherine – she’s a firecracker even on the phone. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how she meets men inEurope, or in the grocery store and probably even in the ER ward. She’s magnetic and I can see loving/hating traveling with her. She would steal the show for sure. So better to find out the secrets behind enemy lines than be left in their dust, right? I pour a second glass and launched into my list of questions.”

Chatting with Jacqueline felt like a girls’ night out! Even though we only just met and were miles apart, it seemed like we had been friends forever.

  1. amy smith says:

    loved it!


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