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What Memorial Day Means to Me

May, 30, 2011

What Memorial Day Means to Me

Memorial Day traditionally honors all Americans who died in the service of their country, but to me and many others it is a time to remember all loved ones who have passed on. Since I was little, every Memorial Day, my mom and I picked wildflowers from our yard, and my family went with my grandparents to put bouquets on relatives’ graves. Since most of them had died before I was born, my grandma told stories about them. Before leaving, we put our remaining bouquets on graves with no flowers because, as my grandma said, “No one should be forgotten on Memorial Day.” This picture is of my grandma and me when this tradition started.

This is the same now-widowed grandma who had her book club of over 70-year-olds read The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men. She is quite the spunky lady. What I love about her is that no matter what happens in life she continues what she calls “chugging on.” After my grandpa died, although she did mourn, she didn’t miss a beat. She has inspired many people. In fact, since I wrote my initial blog entry about her, I’ve continued to receive emails from readers wanting to know how she is doing. Widowed grandmas have even shown up at book signings, saying that after hearing about my grandma’s experiences, they too decided it was time to start dating again. As one explained, “I may be out of practice, but after all, it’s never too late!” They got my book for pointers and I wrote them special words of encouragement on the title page.

I hope that today you are all remembering the good times shared with loves ones who have passed on, and creating more good times with loved ones still here.

  1. Jade says:

    What a great outlook!

  2. Melinda says:

    Beautiful post and beautiful picture!

  3. Katie says:

    Adorablee picture and such an optimistic message! Its never to late for love or fun!

  4. Louise says:

    It’s definitely very important to remember the reason for Memorial Day, people get too caught up with no work/school and sales to stop and think about it. I love the tradition your grandma started and the picture is great!

  5. Taylor says:

    This is so sweet. I need to get my grandmother (also widowed and age 82, but she stomped all over France and Rome with us for the last couple of weeks–my hero!!) a copy of the book for HER book club! Thanks for giving me the idea! She would LOVE it. I think she flirted with more European men than I did! Ha! And you are spot-on with what you said about Memorial Day; it is a great time to simply remember people. Thanks for sharing such a great post.


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