What Matters Most in a Relationship…

November, 16, 2014

…in my opinion, is not physical attractiveness. This is not to be confused with physical attraction. As long as you are attracted to the person you’re dating, does it really matter if he is destined for the cover of GQ or someone who’s off the so-called hot list?! I have received quite a few emails from girls who are concerned that their friends don’t think their boyfriends match them in the looks department…but they’re happy. That’s what matters. There are so many critical elements that make up a good relationship…like love, respect, compatibility, passion, and trust.


On this issue, a friend of mine confided, “Whenever I see a beautiful girl with a guy who wouldn’t be considered handsome, I always think, There must be something extra special about him and she is lucky enough to have figured it out.” I love that sentiment.

Picture above by Leonid Afremov.


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