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What Kind of Girl Are You?

November, 2, 2014

One of my best guy friends once told me, “Girls worry whether guys will like their perfumes. The best way to find out is to bring a man along to shop.” So when samples of six Aerin fragrances arrived at my door, I put them to the test…that is, the Man Test! In case you’ve been on hiatus from the world of cosmetics, Aerin is the beautiful granddaughter of Estée Lauder.

Aerin A

I had already assembled a reliable guy focus group. The first time a Seventeen magazine editor asked me to team up with her on a dating article, I enlisted their help. The editor had some dating questions regarding guys’ relationship preferences. I knew that the best way to find out how men think was to go straight to the sometimes-mysterious creatures themselves. I also knew my friends would be honest.

They had fun with the project and offered their help anytime the need arose. So I decided to run the Aerin scents by them. I realize that every guy is different, but I was surprised that most of their reactions were similar. Here are a few of their thoughts on each fragrance…

Amber Musk.

“This is the scent of a young, vivacious woman.”

“Springtime all year ‘round.”

Aerin B


Evening Rose.

“A woman who wears this is mysterious. I want to know more about her.”

“I think of a Southern girl. Scarlett O’Hara would have liked this.”

Aerin C

Gardenia Rattan.

“This scent says maturity and independence.”

“I’d like to smell that again.”

Aerin D

Ikat Jasmine. 

“A sweet, but appealing, woman who plays by the rules…at least most of the time.”

“A proper girl. There’s something so hot about a proper girl. Every guy hopes that under that exterior there’s a wild side!”

Aerin E

Iris Meadow. 

“A fun-loving, but coy, woman.”

“Nice and subtle.”

Aerin F

Lilac Path.

“Great for a formal, dress-up occasion.”

“This lady is put together.”

Aerin G


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