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What Do You Think?

March, 21, 2013

Producers haven’t been able to agree on certain aspects of a screenplay based on The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men, so I’m asking for your ideas and testing them in an online story!

Here’s the first question: Which three girls from Meeting European Men would you like featured?

If you look really closely at this video, you can still see the scar on my stomach from my “stunt work” on Tosh.0 as I was dragged out from under the bed. Oh Daniel, you’ve made it so that I’ll never forget you:)

  1. gab0429 says:

    I think that Miss Scorned, Miss Angelic, and Plain Jane should be included in the interactive stories. There are many types of girls that go to Europe that go for many different reasons, as mentioned in your book. After reading all the different stories I feel like these three girls embody how most girls are when traveling to Europe and wanting to meet a guy. Miss Scorned would add a little sass to the story because I’m sure that many girls know how it feels to get there hearts broken and what’s a better cure than finding a new man, especially if he’s a European hunk. I also think that Miss Angelic is a good one too include because there are a lot of girls who go to Europe who have no idea what to expect upon their arrival. The story could be drawn out in a lot of directions and would also serve as a learning tool. The story of Plain Jane could represent every girl’s fantasy. After watching so many movies about beautiful women falling in love during a trip to Europe, it would be nice to see a ordinary girl that everyone could relate to in some way finally get her prince charming. It gives hope to the rest of us out there that you don’t have to look like a move star to nab the man of your dreams.

  2. Sara Sampson says:

    Gab’s right – it’s time for a plain Jane or a scorned girl to rule!! The Sexcapader and Princess Bride have awesome stories in the book! Can’t wait for Thursday!

  3. AnnHam says:

    Love the Sexcapader oooh lala! The burlesque dancer is super cute. Hmmmm what should my third choice be? It’s tough to pick but I’d say the girl with the hips made for child bearing that got the guys…haha love it!

  4. Taylor Tennison says:

    I really love the Plain Jane. Like Sara Sampson said–it’s time for just your average girl to be the subject of a film! I think she would really represent what a majority of women want. I also think she would be a great balancing force between my other favorite characters, Miss Sexcapader and Princess Bride. These other two characters are quirky and funny, and even though they are a little ‘out there,’ I still think they are relatable characters. What girl doesn’t want to have a little fun with some hot European guys or fantasize about having a fairy tale wedding with their European Prince Charming? These are my favorite characters, and I can’t WAIT to see this film! I am so excited!

  5. Holly B says:

    The Sexapader was one of my favorites- she’s an exciting character, and like Jordan said, sex sells. But, like in all your stories, there is still a lesson to be learned from her! Don’t let your exec talk you out of using her!

    I think Plain Jane needs to be in there. I think so many girls will be able identify with Plain Jane. Having her in the story would make it a little more real! Especially balanced against a character like the Sexapader!
    I also really like the idea of Miss Scorned. Every girl experiences a broken heart at some point in her life, and Miss Scorned could be a great example of getting over it and moving on!

    I think contrast between the characters personalities is important. You should pick characters that give your story different perspectives!

  6. abbymself says:

    Obviously, everyone loves Miss Sexcapader. She definitely has to be featured. My personal favorite was Plain Jane, and I think Princess Bride will be the perfect candidate to complete the trifecta of personalities to feature. I think that every girl at some point has felt adventurous, like a wall flower and like a princess. These three will bring variety together in a great blend!

  7. madsmac says:

    I loved the story about Miss Athletic being stuck in a hotel room with five Scottish men! I couldn’t imagine that!! I like stories about athletic girls going to Europe to look for outdoor adventure. That is a side of traveling to Europe that many don’t often hear about!

  8. madsmac says:

    I was also a big fan of your story about “Enrique the Rock Star.” It was super cute! Every girl loves a good dancing story!! Miss Initiator really shows off her skills and I love it!

  9. madsmac says:

    Princess Bride would be a wonderful feature character just because she is so set on finding love. Her determination to find “the one” makes it almost impossible for her to not! I love that she is such a romantic. Also, the Princess Bride stories include some nice ironic meetings, like when she “ran into the one.” It was destiny! This type of story is something that every girl secretly fantasizes about! I also enjoyed The Sexcapader as well. Her stories are scandalous and risqué; this is definitely an attention getter for an audience.

  10. tinaofleon says:

    As with everyone, I definitely agree about the Sexcapader. I enjoyed the twist where she met the German man though. I think this can be applicable to many of us, whether we’re ‘sexcapaders’ or not. People go somewhere expecting one thing, and ending up with something they never imagined. What I mean is, the Sexcapader had no intent on falling in love, but she ended up meeting a great guy that changed everything!

    I also really enjoyed anything to do with the athletic girls, especially Londrea. I think this is mostly in part because whenever I travel to Europe, I plan to hike and backpack and adventure everywhere—that’s just the type of girl I am. I think including this in the story could help attract more viewers/readers that are adrenaline junkies. And reading about MooserWirt in Austria- That sounds so cool! But it’s only a place you can get to by skiing. I definitely hope to check it out one day.

    My other favorite character in the book was you, Katherine! Your stories are all so crazy and fun. I especially loved the part about the car race. This seems too crazy to be true, but it actually happened to you!

    I also liked when you were a follower, but after branching out, you and your girlfriends had more fun than the other girls you traveled with. Like everyone else has been saying, I think we all can easily identify with the being a follower.

    Two last bits I loved was the story about Miss Angelic, and the story about Emma. I found both of these hilarious!

  11. Ryann says:

    My three favs would have to be
    1. Plain Jane because she uses not only her looks but her personality and “confidence and charisma.” I really like this in a character because it is relatable.
    2.Miss Angelic because she teaches you to follow up with plans. I think that this could be a make or brake to your European extravaganza.
    3. Bar Wrecker l because she shows you what can happen if you cling to guys from back home as well as to not lead european men on.

  12. neenapack says:

    I definitely would love to see a Fun Seeker because it would add spice to any adventure that happens during travel. A Committal Dater would be nice to see because I think it’ll be interesting to see the interaction between the single ladies and the ones in relationships. And last of all, I would LOVE to see a Follower who evolves into something else… possibly a Sexcapader?

  13. kmk17 says:

    I think Plain Jane is a super widely relatable character for girls watching and helps focus in on what they can learn from her experience! I also think Londrea would be a good story to feature, because of her wide range of experiences traveling abroad, good and bad in different countries. It makes the story seem more realistic. However, I still am a sucker for the romanticism in the story of Miss Intelligent. I would love to see her story again!

  14. jordankean says:

    I liked the Princess Bride because a lot of girls my age have this fantasy of their “knight in shining armor” and are always on the hunt to find Mr. Right.

    On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, I would like to see a Sexcapader included in the interactive book. Like they say, in books and in movies, sex sells. These are the exciting women that people like to read about. I really liked the story of Miss Sexcapader who had her heart stolen by a poor European man because it is a surprising twist.

    The Followers caught my attention too because I think every girl has experienced this. When you’re out at a bar or club you feel like your girlfriends are a safety net and they are the people you feel totally comfortable with. It is easy to get caught up with your friends to where guys will pass you right by.

    I would also like to see a Kisser included in the book. There is always one friend in the group who is a “make out whore” shall I say. She is a good girl who just likes to have fun and keeps things simple and carefree. She is not looking for one night stands like the Sexcapader, nor is she necessarily looking for her Mr. Right. I feel like this girl is just always up for a good time, is spontaneous, and just sees where the night leads her. These 4 types of women were my favorite because they each have different outlooks.

    My favorite stories of different women included Miss Burlesque, Miss Scorned (I loved how she got a confidence boost), Miss Sexcapader, and Miss Angelic (this one I found hilarious, but scary!).

  15. Maria says:

    Sexcapader, Miss Scorned and Miss Plain Jane!!

  16. Abigail says:

    Maybe I’m being biased but I think you should be featured as a character in the interactive shorts! Some of my favorite moments from the book have been stories of your own, including the race car VIP fiasco in Spain and the Scarlett O’Hara moment in the Club. Your experiences showcase a wide variety of scenarios that most girls can relate to on some front. Whether they enjoy guzzling beer in Germany or going to plays in England all the tips and experiences that you describe can be applied in an of these situations. You would be a great character to feature because you haven’t been specifically labeled as miss Sexcapader or a Plain Jane but have a wider variety of experiences to choose from.

  17. Abigail says:

    I would also love to see the Sexcapader in the short films. Maybe not all of us would specifically identify as Sexcapaders but this personality type is thrilling to watch and very entertaining. An important thing to remember is that the most entertaining characters are not the ones who have very ordinary, relatable stories but rather characters who amplify certain qualities and take risks in their everyday adventures. I especially loved the twist that the fearless Sexcapader ended up having a lovestruck suitor who followed her despite the lack of personal funds.

  18. Abigail says:

    The last girl that I loved was more of an overarching athletic personality than one specific girl. When I think of Europe my common thoughts included restaurants, laying out on the beach, festivals, small cafes, and vibrant nightlife in the club scene. I think you (Katherine) cover this experience quite throughly in your numerous stories and show the variety of events throughout Europe. The stories of the athletic girls opened up a new realm of Europe that I hadn’t really considered before. I loved the story about the Hiking Hottie traveling in Iceland who ended up having to sleep in her guide’s tent and ending with a fun romance through the scenery in Skaftafell National Park. These stories showed a new kind of way to meet guys in a setting that is quite different from the hitting-the-town approach.

  19. Katherine Chloé Cahoon says:

    I love all of your great ideas! Right now, I’m working on the first excerpt. I’ll post it later tonight:)


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