What Do You See?

February, 10, 2015

When you look in the mirror? I absolutely love receiving your emails, and always do my best to answer questions. Often this is done in private, but I received one message that troubled me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I’m sharing this woman’s concern with all of you. She didn’t think she was pretty in any way and wanted product recommendations to improve her appearance.

I firmly believe that every person has some stunning feature…whether that is a smile that lights up a room or bright eyes. If someone says you’re unattractive, well then that person isn’t looking. So the next time you glance in the mirror, focus on what you love about yourself. And if you don’t see anything—look again. I promise you, it’s there.


In my mind beauty products aren’t about changing your appearance; they’re about enhancing your natural features—or just experimenting and having fun. So if you notice that you have big eyes then add mascara, especially to the outer lashes, to make them even bigger and more alluring. If you see that you have full lips, add a little gloss. Or if you’re lucky enough to have been blessed with defined cheekbones dust on bronzer for a sun-kissed glow. Then accept the fact that you are special and go out with confidence.



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