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After Vowing He’d Never Marry Again…

September, 30, 2014

…George Clooney made a different kind of vow. This Oscar winner has long been considered Hollywood’s most-eligible bachelor, but that eligibility just got eliminated. On Saturday, September 27, he and Amal Alamuddin, a human-rights lawyer, held what was supposed to be a private wedding celebration in Venice, Italy. Oh, but when you’re George Clooney nothing is ever really private:) Here’s what the celeb sleuths spotted.

George Clooney

The above pic of George was snatched en route to the ceremony. Onlookers were cheering him on while accompanied by a gaggle of paparazzi. The festivities reportedly lasted until dawn. Hey, when a man says he’ll never marry again, proves his sincerity by betting Michelle Pfeiffer $100,000 that he won’t, and waits two decades—that’s  an occasion to make last.


The couple wed at the luxurious Aman Canal Grande resort hotel. Clooney met his love in Venice, so for them this was the most romantic wedding destination possible. And according to Giorgio Armani, for George to say I Do, it really took three…George, his wife and Armani…the clothier of Clooney’s wedding suit.

Amal and George

When the couple appeared holding hands, there was just too much love and gorgeousness in one place!


In honor of this landmark Italian wedding and the fact that it’s Beauty Trend Tuesday, I want to touch upon Layla Cosmetics. This worldwide company is based in Milan, Italy’s fashion capital, and about a three hour drive from Venice.

Just like the Clooney wedding, Layla stands out. The founder was the first to bring nail polish into Italy in the ‘30s. Today, the company has a full range of products, but they are especially known for their posh glitter glam—from lip gloss to eyeliner and even mascara. So all you party princesses, this line is where you go to get your sparkle on.


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