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Valentine’s Day – Women’s Views

February, 9, 2015

A male reader sent me this love question: “I know people have different opinions on Valentine’s Day, but I think it’s the holiday when men should treat their Valentines and the women should just get to enjoy themselves. I want to do something really special for my fiancé. What makes a woman feel loved on this day?”

For the response to the gentleman’s query, I’ve gone straight to the source, gathering opinions from a trusty group of appealing girls, and asking questions that other men have posed as well.

Some guys think spending a lot of money on a woman makes her know she’s loved. Based on my focus group, that’s a misconception. It’s not the number of greenbacks doled out that matters, it’s that you do something special to surprise her. And if she’s a romance lover, don’t worry whether your gesture seems over-the-top or cheesy. What counts is that you thought the evening through and let her know how much you care. Hint: you can never genuinely tell a woman enough why you love her. If you doubt me, listen to what the ladies had to say…

Romance A

“Don’t ask the girl what she wants to do. Instead do something unexpected that comes from the heart.”

“Show us how much you care by being extra cute and romantic.”

“We may say we don’t like flowers or chocolate, but inside we’re yelling that we’d love some.”

Beautiful red rose

“It’s not what you do that counts, but how you do it. No one can be given a perfect formula for how to win over another person. Because the charm of an ideal Valentine’s Day for a woman is that the guy came up with the evening himself. Whether he cooks her a romantic dinner or takes her out, he needs to tell her the thought that went into it, so she realizes that he wanted to make her night one she’ll remember forever.”

Romance C

“Valentines Day isn’t just about romantic relationships. Anyone, guy or girl, can tell a friend he/she cares.”


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