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Trish McEvoy’s Star Artist

February, 17, 2015

That’s Paul, who does up celebs and runway models in the latest makeup looks. He took the time to solve my travel makeup dilemma, and give me the “big-eye cat-eye.” Here I’m passing his tips on to you.

Trish McEvoy A

Ever since I graduated from college, I’ve had to travel for work. Packing makeup for the variety of events I attend on each trip and getting ready in planes or hotel bathrooms has been a challenge. But Paul showed me how to get a variety of looks out of one small, magical bag.

Trish McEvoy B

All of the products Paul used on me were tucked into Trish’s Classic Petite Makeup Planner, the “portable makeup vanity” pictured above. The mirrored case and each makeup pan in it are magnetic, so you can fill the case with a variety of makeup pallets and tilt it at any angle while doing up your face. Everything will stay put and is interchangeable. The black tufted makeup planner also includes a removable pouch for items like concealer, lipstick and foundation, and sleeves for makeup brushes.

Here’s how Paul gave me his new cat eye: First, using the black Liquid Liner Pen, he drew the top line on one eye, making it thicker at the edges. This technique creates a big-eye effect and draws attention to your eye color.

Trish McEvoy C

Second, he chose to brush Eye Shadow Glamorous, a mauve hue, in my crease.

Trish McEvoy D

Third, Paul drew in my lower liner. For this he chose Eye Definer Emerald. I have green eyes, so this color enhanced that. Paul explained that using different, but compatible, shades for my upper and lower lines opened my eyes even further. He used a Q-tip to create a slightly smudged effect.

Trish McEvoy E

And it was time to do the other eye.

Trish McEvoy F

Paul had me attempt this so I could learn to do it myself. I really appreciate that because once I got home I felt like I could pull it off and teach you how.

Trish McEvoy G

Paul’s philosophy is that there is something sexy in every girl’s face. If given the chance, believe me, he’ll bring it out. I’ve always considered myself a girl next door, not a sexy girl, but once he was done I did feel sexy! You can get the same effect by following his steps using the makeup colors that complement your natural coloring.


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