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The Triple Threats

February, 18, 2014

Yes, I’m talking about our US figure skating darlings, Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner, both of whom have been national champions. When I say that they’re triple threats, I’m not just talking about their killer triple jumps. These girls are both radiant and personable as well. It’s no wonder that COVERGIRL has teamed up with them.

The Triple Threats

Recently, I read an article about revered ice queen, Kristi Yamaguchi, who credited another skating legend, Dorothy Hamill, for her success. Kristi explained that when she was a little girl, she “had a Dorothy Hamill doll—with the red dress and the medal.” That doll “would come to the rink with me,” Kristi said. “And sit on the rails.” When Kristi won her Olympic gold medal, the real Dorothy was there with her.

Now young girls – and, frankly, anyone – can look to our current Olympic competitors for inspiration. As Kristi wisely explained, “Before success, you’re going to have failures.” Both Gracie and Ashley have been preparing for the Olympics since they were tots and this is the first time either of them has qualified. No matter what happens during the competition, that, alone, is a monumental success. So when you see these beautiful, feminine-looking girls wearing their national colors on their fingernails, realize that they’re tough as nails, or they wouldn’t be where they are today.


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