Travel Makeup Video

April, 15, 2012

Here Duncan Smith, a professional makeup artist, and I show how to look great anywhere on a trip with only eight small products. Duncan gave me a natural look, but you can go more dramatic just by using a deeper-colored travel palette.

To film this video, my friend Brett brought in his Canon 5D and 7D so you can clearly see Duncan apply the makeup. I was quite excited about this upgrade from my tiny camera. Thanks to my mom for spontaneously stepping in as the second camera operator. You can catch a glimpse of her in the mirror at times:)

When I was partway through editing this video, my computer started to crash and couldn’t keep up with the footage, so I had to edit most of it in slow motion. Fingers crossed…let’s see how it turns out!! Can’t wait to edit my next video on my new Mac.

  1. Holly Marie says:

    Katherine, the video turned out great! I was really pleasede that he showed how to use each product multiple ways! The tip about saving makeup samples to use when traveling was helpful too! So glad you all are going to do another video! Thanks!

  2. Mackenzie says:

    awesome video! It turned out great!! i love all the tips and how he actually put the makeup on you in the video!

  3. Chelsea says:

    Katherine! This video is great! I have been anxiously awaiting it’s debut. I really appreciated the demo Duncan gave us so that we know how to apply the different types of make-up. I had no idea you can use concealer as a base for eye shadow. Thanks for the tips, the video was fabulous!

  4. Abby says:

    I looove this how-to video! Thanks so much for putting things like this out here for your fans. I found the tips (especially for eyes) so helpful!

  5. Brittany says:

    Katherine! This tutorial video is so helpful! When I studied abroad this past summer, I found it difficult to know exactly what to pack for my trip. This video has great tips on lasting makeup that will not fade away throughout the day.


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