Toronto Film Festival Talk

September, 16, 2016

The countdown has come to an end!!! Tonight my short film, In Memory Of, is premiering in Downtown Toronto at 7:45 pm. If you’re in town, I’d love to see you there. You can get tickets at Imagine Cinemas.


If you’ve never been to Toronto at festival time, come with me on a private tour of the city’s transformation. Hollywood temporarily pulls up stakes and unrolls its glamor tent in Canada…complete with red carpets, film premieres, celebrity sightings, and soirées. So many people pile into the streets yelling and calling out stars’ names that the entire experience feels like one big bash.


I love it all…the excitement, seeing new works, meeting new people, and picking out my favourite outfits for each event. This look is by Eliza J. She’s known for being more affordable than other popular fancy-dress designers while still providing looks that make heads turn.

Here’s a celeb-sighting tip: These pictures were taken while I was at The Ritz-Carlton, where a number of the stars have temporarily taken up residence. If you cannot afford to stay in a place like this, you can still hob knob with the film crowd by grabbing dinner or drinks there.


I’ve learned that celebrities are creatures of habit and like to share, so there are only four-to-five hotels in town where they stay. I’ve also learned that if you get a chance to brush shoulders with them, the best approach is to act real but low key, and refrain from hitting the photo button on your phone. Then most will treat you as though you belong there.

Since I’m not a celebrity, those rules don’t apply to your treatment of me. If you happen to see me here, please say “Hi.” I would love to meet you. Once after I attended an event, someone posted an Instagram comment saying that he saw me there. I wish he had approached. It would have been so much fun to get to know the person behind the photo and comment!



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