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Biggest Bronzer Award Goes To…

August, 18, 2014

Tom Ford! When I attended one of his cosmetic trend shows, the audience chanted at the top of their lungs, “Numbers don’t lie, check the scoreboard… Tom Ford, Tom Ford, Tom Ford…” There was so much spontaneous hype from loyal customers that it was hard for the host to settle everyone down!

Tom Ford A

Who else besides Tom Ford has a top line and Jay-Z rapping about him? Todd Davidson, the TF beauty expert, was just as popular with the crowd. When he walked out, ladies hollered, “We love you, Todd.” And, “Bring us some Tom Ford.”

Tom Ford B

After the event, I was excited to have Todd work his makeup magic on me. He demonstrated bronzing tricks and explained, “Tom Ford went to school to be an architect, so he really knows the structure of a face and what looks best.”

Tom Ford C

TF provides quantity with his quality. When Todd pulled out the famed TF bronzer, I was surprised at how generous it was. Todd explained, “Size matters for Mr. Ford. We have both the biggest and best bronzer around!” Todd applied it with the soft and fluffy TF bronzer brush. With it, your glow will be evenly distributed.

Tom Ford D

For my blush, Todd picked Flush to give my cheeks a sun-kissed pop of color.

Tom Ford E

And the cosmetics gifts he gave me are guaranteed to make a girl happy! Thanks Todd and Tom Ford.

Tom Ford F



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