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“The Hair Flip”…Not to be Confused with “Flip That Hair!”

April, 18, 2011



On my university book tour, girls often tell me that before parties they have fun getting together and practicing “flip that hair” from my clubbing video. Then they show me, and they’re so cute doing it, but some of them are getting this dance move confused with “the hair flip” in my book. If a girl did “flip that hair” while hiking up a steep hill with a heavy backpack, she could lose her balance and fall backwards, tumbling into the hikers behind her. That would make an impression alright, but not the kind she would want:)

“The hair flip” is much more subtle, but very successful at attracting desirable male attention. It’s like the effect of blondes. None of the stunning ladies pictured are sporting their natural color but, as Kate Hudson explained, some women want it because in any crowd the eye is naturally drawn to the blonde. I first witnessed the eye-catching effect of “the hair flip” as a teen. A group of eight gorgeous ballerinas entered a crowded bus. Every seat was taken. One of the ballerinas casually tossed her hair, catching the eye of an attractive, charming guy who gave her his seat. On his second or third read, I have no doubt that a desirable guy could be smitten by the raven-haired beauty instead of the blonde, or a ballerina who wasn’t flipping her hair. But Kate’s right―certain traits attract attention. The hair flip is definitely one of them!

  1. Helen says:

    Luv u KCC!!! All set to do “the hair flip” tomr:)

  2. Jessica says:

    Traveling through Netherlands now and practicing my Hair Fliip!

  3. Mary says:

    The hair flip definitely works in Scotland:)


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