The 411 on Study Abroad

December, 27, 2010

One top Amazon reviewer said of my book, “Don’t leave home without it!” If you’re preparing to study abroad, The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men not only gives tips about meeting the men, but identifies man-meeting hot spots, contains safety advice, and has cultural and historical insights on twenty European countries so a girl instantly feels at home. It is also chock full of true, entertaining stories about romantic experiences. Here is one entitled, When the Girls Were Wined and Dined by Messrs. Lamborghini. It is about students who were studying in one European city and took a weekend trip to another.

“On their first night there, they dined at a nice restaurant next to a table with some eye-catching Italian men. Ten minutes into their meal, the girls received a bottle of fine wine, courtesy of the next table. Ten minutes after that they received flowers from their admirers. And ten minutes after that, the men came over asking for an introduction. They offered to show the girls around town for the rest of the evening. Showing the girls around town would be an understatement. They were escorted to every trendy bar and club in the city, danced in hot spot after hot spot, and sampled the Italian spectrum of exotic drinks. The next day, the men offered to take the girls in their Lamborghinis to a traditional wine-tasting event before they left town.”

You may just meet your own romantic Italian abroad! I’d love to hear your European stories and man-meeting tips. Feel free to email them to me as well as fun pictures from your European adventures at for use on my blog.

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  1. Sara Sampson says:

    I bought Meeting European Men for my sister who will be studying in Rome. She absolutely loved it! She read the entire book Christmas day!


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