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Ten Tips to Make Air Travel Easy

March, 30, 2016

!Hola Amigos! As you can see, I traveled to Cabo.

Cabo A

I absolutely love flying off to exciting destinations. I started doing it with my family when I was little, and began taking trips on my own when I was 14. But I realize that even a seasoned flier can get caught in air-travel traps. There are so many considerations, like what can’t be hand-carried on the plane, which aircrafts have computer plug-ins, and what can be packed in checked luggage without exceeding a weight limit. Here are my tips for navigating them:

Cabo B

1. Stock Up on Product Samples. I’ve noticed that travel sizes of products can be overpriced and normal sizes are often overkill for a trip. Whenever I buy shampoos, conditioners or face creams, I’ve found that the sales associates are usually happy to hand out samples if I ask. They’re packaged by the vendors and are great for short trips.

2. Pack Your Flip Flops. My dad engrained in me to never wear open-toed shoes on a plane. And yet, I see lot of people doing it. That is fine unless there is strong turbulence or an emergency landing. Dad has lots of experience flying planes, and says that in the case of a crash, your feet can get sliced from broken glass if you’re wearing flip flops, which makes an emergency escape much more difficult. That being said, I’m a strong believer in not dwelling on fear. Most flights are one hundred percent safe. It’s just better to be prepared.

3. If You Like to Shop on a Trip Leave Room in Your Suitcase for Souvenirs. Another alternative is to ship them home, but that requires on-site planning.

4. In the USA, Get Certified by TSA for Fast Boarding. This initially takes some time, but if you fly frequently, you save time in the long run. With the certification, you can board without removing your shoes, laptop, and quart bag.

5. Carry-on Small-Sized Hand Lotion, Toothbrush/Toothpaste, Perfume and a Chap Stick. If you are stranded somewhere, these basics can get you through it. They’re also great for combating cabin dryness and stale, circulating air.

6. Protect Your Legs Like the Pros with Compression Tights. Sitting for long periods of time combined with cabin pressure can be hard on circulation, and we only get one set of legs per lifetime. Maria Sharapova says she protects hers by wearing Nike Pro Compression Tights under her clothes on every flight.

7. Board ASAP. I learned the hard way that it’s a good idea to board as soon as your row is called if you’re carrying a bag on. When airlines began charging for checked bags, some people started carrying on as much as possible. In their minds, that standard rule, “a small carry-on and a purse” became “two large carry-ons,” and overhead compartments quickly became stuffed. Once, I was late running from my first flight to the connecter and slipped on the plane last. The only spot for my bag was way in the back and I was seated towards the front.

8. If You Have a Long Flight, Adjust Onboard to Your Destination’s Time Zone. That way you will be in-step as soon as you arrive. Long ago, a friend who is a major jet-setter advised me to sleep on the plane during an overnight flight. He said to get a sleeping pill, drink only water, and use ear plugs and an eye mask if necessary. It works! A homeopathic sleep aid with no side effects is Coffea Cruda 30c. You can find it at health food and supplement stores.

9. Solidify Reservations. Popular hotels frequently overbook, so it’s important to confirm your reservation before you leave. If you’re arriving at a place where you’ve pre-arranged for a shuttle, make sure that you know exactly who you are meeting. This is very important in a place like Cabo. As soon as you exit the terminal, drivers bombard you, each persuasively declaring that he is yours. Once during college when I went to Cabo for Spring Break, I had been told that my driver would be wearing an orange shirt and carrying a sign. Well, when I arrived, I saw a sea of drivers, all wearing orange shirts and carrying signs!

Cabo C

10. Have Fun…especially if this is a pleasure trip. I know this tip may seem unnecessary, but some people have a hard time switching from a rigorous school or work schedule to a time of total fun. I always try to leave the worry of work at home when I’m on vacation, and even if I have to do some work, I try to only focus on it for the allotted amount of time, and then forget about it.

Cabo D



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