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Get Ready for Super Bowl

January, 31, 2014

Super Bowl mania is at fever pitch, so it’s the perfect time to call in the Triplets of Boom, a secret dancing Seahawks Fan Squad!

As you can see, I’m ridiculously hyped for the game. Here are some tips for showing your team spirit regardless of who you are cheering on…but it’d better be the Seahawks 😉


Team Pride from Head to Toe. It’s not enough to just wear your team’s colors, painting your face is practically a rite of passage, whether you’re at a party or the stadium! But a lot of people complain that the paint feels uncomfortable and refuses to come off post-game. I solved that by getting a kids’ face-painting kit at a costume store. The colors go on fast, stay put, are gentle to skin, and wipe off in two swipes with a makeup remover pad.

Super Bowl 2014 Makeup

Keep Your Eyes On the Game. Girls, eye makeup is another way to show your team devotion. The above picture uses Seahawks colors from the Heart Breaker Palette by Sugarpill Cosmetics. If you can’t get your hands on one, go to MAC Cosmetics. They’re notorious for having a wide array of theatrical tones, so you’re covered regardless of which team you’re rooting for.

Cheer Like the Best. Us Seahawks fans are wild with pride. It’s no wonder we’re known for being the loudest. At the last game, we set a crowd noise record at over 137 decibels. To put things in perspective, an aircraft carrier is generally around 140 db. So if you’re lucky enough to attend the game in person, pack a pair of earplugs. I know this tip isn’t sexy, but your ears will thank me later:)

Gerbing’s Puffer Jacket

Stop Your Shivering. Here’s another tip for stadium-goers. This will be the first Super Bowl held outdoors with snow and strong wind in the forecast. Keep warm in something like Gerbing’s Puffer Jacket. It has a battery-operated heating system that can go as high as 135 degrees.

Scottevest Travel Vest

Keep Security on Your Side. The only bags allowed at the Super Bowl are clear plastic, PVD, or vinyl ones that don’t exceed 12x6x12 inches. But there aren’t any rules for clothing pockets. The Scottevest Travel Vest contains an ample amount…quite sneaky. With it, you’ll have room for all of your necessities, camera included.


  1. tomtenders says:

    Do another seahawks fan squad video with three of you.

  2. Katherine Chloé Cahoon says:

    The triplets are back! Thanks for your comment. Here’s the link…


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