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Sui & Joie – Style Stars

June, 10, 2014

Anna Sui is a sassy creator with one of the most adorable cosmetic displays in Waikiki’s glitzy Galleria. Her guiding philosophy is, “You have to focus on your dreams, even if they go beyond common sense.” Well, I’m glad she did!

Anna A

When I entered the Sui suite, I came under Anna’s makeup spell amid all the options. I had a terrific time choosing which items to take home. I tried out an array of lipsticks and spritzed on the moisturizing mist. I got so carried away that I closed down the store!

Anna B

I couldn’t return to my hotel without some of these nail polish babes. They’re hits with little girls and ladies alike.

Anna C

And then there are the rings with lip gloss cleverly hidden inside. Need to touch up your lips on the go? No problem. You don’t even have to prowl through your purse. I’ve seen several travelers around Oahu sporting these. They are especially popular in Japan.

Anna D

As the intercom announced that the mall was closing, Anna’s fragrances were calling to me.

Anna E

I quickly snapped this pic with Tina, the charming suite manager. Then I dashed out with my purchases before getting locked inside. I want to return to this enchanting place soon!

Anna F

On the way back to my resort, I couldn’t help posing for a shot at this gorgeous lagoon. The Joie top I wore is so versatile that I love taking it on trips. That night, I wore it with ripped denim shorts, perfect for walking along the beach and cruising Waikiki. Another night, I dressed it up with a blazer, skinny slacks and heels…perfect for hob-knobbing with the business set.

Joie G


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