Style from the Sea Gals

August, 14, 2014

When a girl gets a tip from these dazzlers – who, by the way, danced for the winning Super Bowl team – she has to follow it!

Sea Gals

Three of them told me that their favorite tennies for getting their moves on are by Nike Free 3.0 Studio Dance.

Nike Free 3.0 Studio Dance A

They’re fashion-forward and have circles on the soles that make them easy to turn and pivot in.

Nike Free 3.0 Studio Dance B

As you can see from the next pic, mine were road-tested and met the challenge.

Nike Free 3.0 Studio Dance C

To add to what the Sea Gals said, I found that this style also makes going up on you toes easy. The structure is designed to place minimal weight on them in that position.

Nike Free 3.0 Studio Dance D

I wanted this Nike style and couldn’t find it at any of the stores near me, so I just ordered online. They’re carried by a variety of vendors. And, since this is Travel Thursday, I want to tell you about NikeTown London…the flagship store. If you’re able to stop in, you can expect some sporty pampering with an avalanche of selections and the ability to create your own personalized footwear.



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