This blog began in 2010 as part of the publisher’s promotional materials for my travel book, The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men. The book rose to #1 on Amazon’s Best-Sellers List within two weeks of publication, and is still selling. The blog has been expanded to cover my other pursuits.

Especially for You Spring Break Babes

March, 6, 2014

Most college students only have four opportunities to experience spring break, so here’s a tip to help you SPRING over pitfalls and have an enviable vacay.

PNG 27

This picture was taken my freshman year at Vanderbilt on a trip to New Orleans by our dance/cheer team. It was our first away-game, and our coach had arranged to take us there a day before the football team arrived so we would have 24 hours to enjoy the city—on Halloween weekend!

As we boarded the bus a little after midnight, an upperclassman whispered to me, “Most of the girls will talk the entire way there, but rest up.” I pulled out my pillow and blanket and dozed off before the driver even turned on his engine. When the bus pulled up to our hotel the next morning, my friend and I were ready for adventure while the rest were ready to bond with their hotel beds. We went shopping and café-hopping. We even got into sneak peek performances by musicians who would be playing that evening. When the sun set the others were just waking up. We all headed out to dance the night away but they had missed half the fun. You’ll experience the same phenomenon on spring break, so make sure you have the oomph to experience everything.


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