Sneaking You Fashions!

December, 26, 2012

Whew! I did it! I snuck into another dressing room to show you the latest fashion trends. There was no time to manually focus my camera so the video gets blurry every once in a while, but that’s the price of sneaking in! And if only I’d invented a tripod that collapsed small enough to fit into my purse there would have been no camera wobbles:)

  1. RocketRider says:

    Ur hot in all the dresses.

  2. CzarinaLace says:

    I LOVE THESE LOOKS!!! And there’s something so badass and intimate about sneaking into a dressing room to film! These looks are soo sexy and sohpisticated…you always inspire me to find my European men..heheh…

  3. Sara says:

    Your style tips are awesome!! Please cover spring trends—esp swimsuits!!


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