Smart, Sassy, and Fun

December, 11, 2010


In her review, Smart, Sassy, and Fun, S.E. Rowland, official Amazon book critic, wrote of The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men:

“If you like Sex and the City, you’ll love Meeting European Men… This is wicked fun with a twist of serious practicality. If you thought traveling in Europe looking for love was beyond hope, have faith. Learn how to find decent lodging, get great travel deals, and be culturally hip.

Not only does Cahoon give great info like ‘Man Meeting Tips,’ she’s got up-to-date singles’ personalities in acronyms and psychological types. Add  ‘40 Flirty Tips’ for an entrée. Top it off with a dessert of ‘A Word to the Wise’ in each chapter. Turn those dreams of European romance into reality.”


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