Sending Thanks to All of You on Thanksgiving

November, 22, 2012

Sending Thanks to All of You on Thanksgiving

As I think about what I’m thankful for, all of you are high on my list. This past year I’ve received many wonderful emails, messages and comments from around the world. I especially appreciate all of your support at book signings. One that stands out was a university event in California. While I was traveling there, someone accidentally dropped a suitcase on my head! With a throbbing headache, I just wanted to bond with my bed instead of bonding with a bunch of sorority girls while delivering a speech on European hot spots and culture. But I went and was so touched by all of the girls clapping and cheering me on that my headache instantly went away! A friend commented that I had a fun job. I told her that you all were what made it so much fun.

  1. amy smith says:

    thanks to you katherine for your book! because of it i’m now in a fulfilling relatipnship.


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