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Selena Gomez Fashions for Under $100

January, 16, 2016

Just because I look nothing like this singing sizzler doesn’t mean I don’t like to snatch her style every now and then…at a savings. Wow! That was a lot of words beginning with “s” in only one sentence! But you get the point. Selena is a fashion goddess and I’m revealing where you can get looks similar to hers that won’t bust your budget, starting with this faux leopard duster.

Selena A Selena B

After spying a coat similar to Selena’s, I couldn’t pass up the chance to snap pictures similar to hers on Instagram.

Coat A Coat Bjpg Coat C Coat D

This Bar III find was spotted at Macy’s. With my card, I got it on sale for $60. Here’s a similar top and pants from Forever 21 that also won’t tax your bank account.

Outfit 1

You may not be a member of the jet set, but you can get Selena’s travel ensemble for under $50…from head-to-toe.

Selena in Outfit 2

I did it by hitting up Polyvore for a black-and white top, H&M for high-waisted black leggings, and Forever 21 for black-and-white shoes.

Outfit 2

My last look-of-the-day for this star is, ironically, a salute to stars.

Selena in Outfit 3

I think I found the exact sweater she’s wearing here, but it costs $330…way over our $100 limit.

Actual Sweater

If you do decide to splurge on the real deal, you can save on the rest of your outfit at Forever 21. They have a similar white coat and navy-blue skinnies, which together cost less than $65. If you want to complete the outfit, you can find a sweater echoing Selena’s in different colors that has been marked down to $79.99. It started at $214.

Outfit 3 Variation

Unfortunately, it seems to be quite a challenge finding star-patterned tops and sweaters at bargain prices that don’t look tacky. But I promised to get outfits similar to Selena’s for under $100, and I won’t back down. I found a cute star sweater at a Forever 21 super-sale that rings up at only $6.99. Since it’s black-and-white, if you go with this option, I’d advise, swapping out your navy skinnies for black ones. Forever 21 has a pair that’s currently $12.90, and if you pair it with the white coat, your grand (or not so grand) total is well under $100.

Whew, that was a lot of numbers to chase down, but you trendy girls on tight budgets are worth it.

Another Variation for Outfit 3


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