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Seattle’s “Six Seven”

January, 2, 2017

The first time I went to this restaurant was on a first date during the summer a few years back. When I was asked if I wanted to have dinner at “Six Seven in Seattle,” I though he meant at 6:07 pm. I really wanted to make a good impression, so I played it cool and said, “That’s an interesting time.” (You guessed it.) My cover wasn’t convincing. He explained that Six Seven was a restaurant, and we laughed about the misunderstanding. He also explained that I was about to experience a landmark evening, and he was right. The ambiance, food, and view were all A+…as was the company!

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Six Seven is the signature restaurant in the Edgewater Hotel on Elliot Bay. The menu offers the best of gourmet Pacific Northwest cuisine. At your table’s edge, a continuous wall of floor-to-ceiling windows shows off a sweeping view of water lapping at the foundation, ferries coming and going from islands, and sunsets that look like they were produced by Hollywood. In the summer, swarms of sailboats swirl around.


As part of our holiday festivities, my family dined at Six Seven, and I can say with certainty that it’s equally amazing in the winter as the summer. All of these pictures were taken last weekend.


A word of warning: Never dine at this place when you’re on a diet, because you won’t be when you leave. If you think you’re going to pass up any of the courses, think again. I loved the food so much that I was sad to see the meal end. Fortunately, I had worn a forgiving dress that let me have seconds, thirds, and maybe even fourths without looking stuffed!


Here’s something I find unfathomable… A well-known rumor has it that this restaurant was once known best for its mediocre food. That was in the days when the Edgewater Hotel was called “The Edgewater Inn” and the Beatles fished from the windows in their suite. The Edgewater restaurant was so forgettable that no one could even remember its name.


Then everything dramatically changed. The entire complex got a face lift, name changes, and a new menu. The word “mediocre” has never been used to describe Six Seven. Scrumptious? Yes. Cutting edge? Absolutely. Memorable? You know it!



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