Seahawks Style

January, 16, 2015

It’s no secret that I support the Seahawks. If your favorite team is in the Super Bowl playoffs and you want to show your pride by getting their shirt, you know that the options are pretty picked over by now. When I went shopping the other day, there were no Seahawks smalls or mediums left. But I didn’t let that stop me from wearing my blue-and-green!

Seahawks Style A

If you find yourself in a similar situation, you can try my DIY solution. I bought a large shirt and shrunk it like crazy in the drier. Then it basically fit, but was still very long, so scissors to the rescue.

Seahawks Style B

I cut up the top. How high you go is up to you. Since showing a peep of stomach in very trendy now, I cut mine so that when I’m standing still it covers my skirt band, but when I’m cheering my boys on, it’s raises up a bit.

Seahawks Style C

And speaking of skirts, I didn’t want the tennis girls to have all the fun, so I stopped by Lucy and got one with build-in shorts. Although I’m no tennis ace, I’m not letting that stop me from wearing this style. I’ve used it in aerobics classes. Actually, this particular skirt was made for running, so the look isn’t limited to the court.

Seahawks Style D

I take an aerobics class that bars the door if you don’t arrive in Seahawks garb on game day. Well, I’m prepared!

  1. michelle tsien says:

    So cute. How much did it shrink before you cut it?

  2. Katherine Chloé Cahoon says:

    Thanks Michelle:) I’d say it shrunk about one-to-two sizes around and about an inch and a half in length. After your tee is shrunk, if you decide to cut the bottom higher, keep in mind that it will roll up an inch or two—so make it that much longer than you want it to be.


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