Seahawks Style…or whatever team you’re rooting for!

September, 12, 2015

As you can see, I have a serious case of Seahawks pride! I think every Seattleite does. It’s not unusual to find aerobics classes here where instructors bar the doors to everyone who’s not donning blue-and-green on a game weekend.

Seahawks Style

But getting the right fit for your favorite team garb can be a bit challenging. Most sports stores don’t have fitting rooms, and the sizing for this type of apparel is varied. I’ve found that I’m different sizes in different styles, even within the same brand—and I’ve heard people say that when they buy something in their usual size and try it on at home, it doesn’t fit. That can really put a damper on your tailgating plans.

Here’s my solution: When you hit up the local sports store to buy your favorite team’s garb, wear yoga shorts and a tight-fitting top. Then slip on your selections over them right there in the store, regardless of how many people could be watching. There’s usually a mirror around, and you’ll know exactly how they fit. Problem solved! Now it’s time to proceed with team pride for Sunday’s official season kickoff!


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