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Scarlett, Avengers, Beauty Advice

April, 28, 2015

With the next Avengers movie opening in North America this Thursday night, April 30th, the spotlight is on Scarlett and her personal style. During her publicity tour, she is showing that the pompadour hairstyle is still in vogue.

Scarlett A Scarlett B

Scarlett C

So here’s a throwback how-to hair video on the pompadour, and thanks to Scarlett it’s still fresh. I guess I know what look I’m wearing this weekend!

Scarlett’s style isn’t the only thing about her that’s trending. This past weekend her fourth appearance as the Black Widow premiered in 44 countries and territories. That is only a fraction of the film’s rollout and already it has exceeded the box office success of 2012’s Avengers.


Whenever most people think of a beautiful, accomplished woman like Scarlett, they have a hard time imagining that anything ever goes wrong in her life. But that’s not the case. As she says, “There’s always going to be the more successful person. It’s related to rejection… I’m constantly rejected.” I think we can all relate to that. And consider the fact that if Scarlett is constantly being rejected, she’s constantly applying for roles—there is an important lesson in that too. So we can add to her list of impressive qualities that she’s hard-working and down to earth.


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