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Romance Around the World!

February, 13, 2012

Around the World RomanceI love Valentine’s Day:) You probably wouldn’t have guessed that though…I mean it’s not like I wrote an entire book about romance or anything (wink wink)! Since VDay falls on a workday, I’ve heard several people say that they’re having smaller celebrations then and planning future romantic getaways. Here are three destinations that skyrocket in the romantic ratings. 

Rome’s Donna Camilla Savelli Hotel ( is the epitome of a sexy stay with velvet-wrapped headboards and marble bathtubs. You could never even leave your room and still have a lust-worthy trip. But the rooftop is way too alluring with its view of the city, and Rome has so many hot destinations that not fully doing in the town is out of the question. In The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men, I give details on some of the most fun Rome landmarks that tourists often overlook whether you already have a man by your side or not!

Portugal’s L’And Vineyards ( are stunning and sure to ignite a romantic spark. Through March 31st, you can get a deal on a four-night stay in a stone and slate Sky-view (and vineyard view) suite at the Alentejo complete with a retractable ceiling for star-gazing. You’ll even have an outdoor patio with a fireplace and heated plunge pool! This incredible offer includes a tour of the vineyards and winery, wine sampling, and a three-course dinner for two. In my book, I reveal a neighborhood and a historic hillside restaurant in Lisbon, each of which would make a trip to remember.

Cabo San Lucas’ Love Beach is a no-miss. The name says it all! This city is known for its lively nights, but during the day, you and your honey can take a boat to Love Beach for romantic relaxation. If it’s low tide, you can simply walk on. This is the perfect prelude to hitting the town. Get those dancing shoes on, because in Cabo people dance EVERYWHERE…and since this is one of the world’s foremost vacation destinations lodging deals abound. 

For descriptions of proven romantic places in eighteen other European countries―complete with true stories in a chick lit feel and lots of relationship tips from a variety of women―read The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men. (Order Now)

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Even if you don’t have a sweetheart right now, there’s no need to deprive yourself of this holiday. I know a lady who recently went through a tough divorce. She and her single eighteen-old-daughter are having their own celebration, complete with roses and chocolates, in honor of the love the two of them share.

And remember, you only have one day left to enter my Valentine’s Day giveaway. Tomorrow, I will be drawing two people at random to win signed copies of my book. To enter, Email Me With Subject: VDay. If you would like me to write a special dedication, please let me know. I have been receiving quite the fun, creative ones! 

  1. Katherine Chloé Cahoon says:

    Congratulations to Michelle, Kiersten, and Elisa for winning signed copies of my book for my Valentine giveaway! Originally I was planning on only giving away two books, but Elisa was the very first to enter the drawing and she has been such a terrific supporter who makes great comments that I didn’t have the heart to leave her out…after all yesterday was the heart holiday:)


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