This blog began in 2010 as part of the publisher’s promotional materials for my travel book, The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men. The book rose to #1 on Amazon’s Best-Sellers List within two weeks of publication, and is still selling. The blog has been expanded to cover my other pursuits.



Jacqueline Parker, founder of Drinks at Sixa site empowering single and independent women, wrote of The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men, “I love the book – it’s chock full of candid, true stories of girls’ experiences meeting European men abroad. Like any other girl, I love to hear what really happened to other girls…not just the hits but the misses.” 

Bookgum author, Chris Trash, wrote of Meeting European Men, “The Best Book I’ve ever read.” In his Bookgum: Katherine Chloe Cahoon Interview, he said, “Disarming. This is the word that best describes Katherine Chloé Cahoon. Spend one minute with Katherine and you immediately want to become a better person. With a quick, knowing smile and a straightforward tone of voice she makes you feel as if you are the only two people in the world. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Katherine one evening this week and it was a very positive and surreal experience.”

Amazon college-student, Chelsea wrote in Chic AdviceAfter reading this book, all I have to say is THANK YOU MS. CAHOON! This book was a fast and easy read, but mostly it was insightful! One of my sorority sisters said it changed her experience in Europe. There is a character for everyone in this book! This was the BEST gift I have received in a long time!”

A top Amazon reviewerAntoinette Klein, wrote of Meeting European Men, “Single women will relish the 40 Flirty Tips that work wonders with men. Many of these tips are just as appropriate for girls pursuing the American Male on their home turf, so even if you have no immediate need to go abroad, these are good refresher points for dating anywhere. The bulk of the book is a great travel guide… Just as important as lip gloss to pack when you leave this country, the book is a wealth of information… Best of all, it is cleverly written in an easy-flowing style akin to a big sister sitting you down and telling you, ‘This is how to do it!’”

Official Amazon critic, S.E. Rowland, wrote in her review, Smart, Sassy, and Fun, “If you like Sex and the City, you’ll love Meeting European Men… This is wicked fun with a twist of serious practicality. If you thought traveling in Europe looking for love was beyond hope, have faith. Learn how to find decent lodging, get great travel deals, and be culturally hip…”

The Knight News reporter, Miranda Dillworth, said, “The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men is going to be the newest book with a cult following when it comes out this October. Cahoon has a funny, slick style of writing that has you so entertained you don’t even realize you’re reading a guide book.”

BookMarketingBuzzBlog creator, Brian Feinblum, posted his Interview with Viral Video Queen & Amazon Best-Selling Author, Katherine Chloé Cahoon. The article covers advice for traveling women in Meeting European Men, what Cahoon is working on now, and more. 

Amazon college student Louise Hunter, entitled her review of Meeting European MenA Must Read! She wrote, “As an American college student looking to go abroad, Katherine’s guide was a must read before going off on my trip. Although written around the theme of meeting boys, I have found the guide to be more about paying attention, adapting and learning about different cultures as you travel Europe. There are many things included about the culture which you would never find in a travel guide. I recommend it to anyone who loves to travel or even read about traveling and especially to anyone doing study abroad!”

Amazon reviewer, Kate, wrote in Universal Tips, “This is a truly fantastic book. The tips are simple, straightforward, and realistic so that anyone can follow them wherever they are in the world. The personal anecdotes that Katherine Cahoon uses are simply hilarious and make the book both fun and exciting to read… This is a good, laidback, fun read and I highly recommend it to all the girls out there, single or not. Who doesn’t want to meet a hot European man?”

Barnes & Noble reviewer, a college student planning to study abroad, wrote in her analysis of Meeting European Men, “It is fun, lighthearted, and informative… Read it, re-read it, carry it in your purse, and PLAN YOUR TRIP TO EUROPE!! Don’t waste any more time without this book in your life. Go get it NOW!!”

UK entertainment site, Punchbaby, featured this video from the Meeting European Men web series and wrote, “Hey girls, do you want to meet hot European men, full of Continental sophistication and dark, brooding intelligence? Then you need to start devouring Katherine Chloé Cahoon’s incredible videos and book!”


Amazon reviewer Adventures Abroad, entitled her critique of Meeting European Men,  This is a Fun and Fabulous Must-Read for any Single Woman! She wrote, “Not only is this book witty and entertaining, Cahoon’s Vanderbilt education is evident in her style of writing. She defies any stereotypes or ill-conceived notions that women cannot be simultaneously intelligent, fun-loving, and attractive. Cahoon is all three, and so much more… This book is destined to become the modern single girl’s dating handbook. In an age where women are more fun-loving and independent than ever, Cahoon tells us how to get everything we want out of life, whether it’s love eternal or just some fun experiences. If you haven’t already purchased this book, don’t waste any more time!”

“World Traveler and Book Queen,” whose work was nominated for “Best Written Book Blog,” said in her review of Meeting European Men, “For women taking a college semester to study abroad, I can see how this would be the perfect companion to your travels.”

Amazon college student JRM, wrote in Great for Any College Girl Going Abroad, “There’s a lot of great tips about the different customs and culture in various European cities and advice for how to have fun wherever you travel. Plus, many of the tips for meeting men while out and about in Europe are easily applicable here in the US as well, so this is a great read for any college girl who is looking to have some fun.”

Amazon college student SingleGirl21, in The Perfect Study Abroad Book! wrote that this is “an excellent buy if you are headed overseas soon, or a good gift if you know someone who is. No college girl should study abroad without it.”

All Roads Lead to Pacetto, a blog by a woman who moved to Italy for love, said of the Meeting European Men web series in a post entitled, Katherine Chloe Cahoon Keeps Getting Better, “KCC is still making ‘gems’ and I’m loving her more and more with each new video.” Here is the newest video at the time of this review. She has remained a fan.


Amazon’s Crkujawa, entitled her review GREAT READ FOR COLLEGE GIRLS!!! She wrote, “I’m so thankful that a book like this has finally been written that’s specifically targeted for women my age!…From one 20-something-year old to another, I HIGHLY recommend this book for every high school and college girl traveling to Europe!”

Amazon’s Kathryn Nichols wrote of Meeting European Men in College Student, “The book is full of great places to socialize, explore and experience European culture. This is the perfect gift for anyone planning a trip to Europe and especially great for college students. Cahoon offers sensible advice to travelers on how to stay safe but enjoy every moment!”

Reviewer and life coach, Leslie Juvin, wrote of Meeting European Men, “I thoroughly enjoyed the book… It can be read as a guide or…a novel, which makes it a fun, handy guide to store in a travel bag or something to read seaside.”

“Without scaring or intimidating readers, it is realistic about potential dangers and advises on how to avoid them, without killing the adventurous and fearless spirit of foreign travel.” Leslie is an American living in France with her French husband.

Windsor Hanger, co-founder of HER CAMPUS, a collegiate guide to life, lauded the Meeting European Men video series as, “the genius How to Meet European Men videos… These are amazing. Seriously. Just watch them.” About the website, she wrote, “It’s a goldmine. Trust me on this one.”

Publishers Weekly Senior Contributing Editor, Barbara Vey, introduced Katherine by saying, “Please enjoy meeting debut author Katherine Chloé Cahoon who I predict everyone will know her name in the next few years.”

A top Amazon reviewer, Crystal Fulcher, featured Katherine in her Reading Room. The interview was a walk down Memory Lane! She asked Katherine a variety of questions from personal to book-related.


PR Newswire said in a syndicated article, “Cahoon shares side-splitting tales while guiding her readers through the hottest and hippest man-meeting spots each country has to offer. Whether in search of lust, love, or simply trying to meet men at home, Cahoon’s road-tested tips guarantee to make any single girl (or not-so-single girl) a man magnet.”


A top Amazon reviewer, Dianne, wrote in Books & Chat, “This is a cute and quick read that is sure to appeal to the 18 to 25 crowd and to be an excellent gift to one from a mother or older sister. A must have for any one looking to snare, hunt, capture, or just track down the ever elusive European Man, or for those just looking to find the best spots in Europe to have a good time while on vacations or abroad studying.”

The Daily Item reporter, Anna Jimenez, said in Collection of Dating Tips Leads to Published Book, “What started off as a collection of tips for her friends evolved into Katherine Chloé Cahoon’s first book. The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men is filled with ‘proven’ tips on how to meet men in Europe, lists of hot spots in each European country and real life experience from the 24-year-old author and her friends.”

The Charlotte Observer reporter John Bordsen wrote a comprehensive syndicated Q&A with Cahoon entitled, European men? She’s got the how and where 


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