Resort Season is Here!

January, 24, 2013

Resort SeasonIf you want to enjoy the rays you might consider these beaches that are not just beautiful, but filled with personality.

Waikiki (Oahu, Hawaii) Anything goes here, but not in a wild party sense. Waikiki is friendly to both families and singles. I’ve seen almost everything there from stand-up paddle yoga to beach acrobatics. One time a group of professional surfers overheard me saying that I’d never surfed. They invited me to join them. I explained that me surfing for the first time would be equivalent to the I Love Lucy episode where she took her first ballet class…disastrous times ten. They didn’t mind. I love this friendly, nonjudgmental vibe. When I took this picture one evening before going to town, no one even seemed to notice that I was striking a dance pose on the beach. After all, the people behind me were doing ocean aerobics!

Mykonos (Greece) This town is party central and packed with stylish beaches, bars, restaurants, and shops. Unlike Waikiki, it doesn’t have hot weather right now but is perfect for planning a summer getaway. Mykonos has developed a glamorous reputation without losing its Greek roots. During the high season, girls live in their bikinis all day until evening. Even if they decide to take a hike, head out to a restaurant, or shop, they often simply throw on a sarong and go. When the weather is good and the sun begins to set, Tropicana, located on Paradise Beach, is the place to be for a buzzing beach party. And girls, you know you can find guys here. There’s a reason why Mykonos is one of the towns I featured in The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men!

Tamarindo (Costa Rica) My friend just spent the holidays here. She wanted to soak up the culture as well as the sun, so she sought local outdoor hubs. Her favorite beach was Playa Conchal. She said there was a Westin in the middle of it, which attracted tourists, but locals flocked to the rest of the beach. School was on break there, so Playa Conchal was filled with generations of families camping on the sand. When the sun went down, the families barbequed and played music from boom boxes on the hoods of their cars. Her group was invited to join one of these parties and “adopted” into a Costa Rican family!

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